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Our Roots Go Deep In Sweet Corn – Throughout Canada and the USA

Starting out as a small, roadside corn stand in the late 1980s, Rouge River Farms has grown to become a premiere distributor of sweet corn to grocery chains throughout North America. Rouge River Farms has 10,000 acres of farmland in Florida, Georgia, Virginia, and Ontario, and packinghouses in Florida, Virginia, and Ontario, providing farm fresh sweet corn year-round.

Rouge River Farms strives to harvest sweet corn at the peak of maturity and cools it immediately, then packages corn, and loads it for transportation. The proper handling of produce and a quick turnaround for transportation helps ensure that the product on the consumer’s plate is of the highest quality and freshness.We have a certificate from our seed supplier stating that we are using a Non-GMO seed for all of our sweet corn that we plant in all of our growing locations. Our sweet corn that is purchased in the winter months will be sourced out of Florida. The spring and fall seasons we are harvesting out of Georgia and the summer months we are kept busy harvesting out of Virginia and Ontario.
No matter the growing location, Rouge River Farms works to ensure that our corn is harvested at the premium date, cooled immediately, packaged and then loaded for transportation. Handling the produce in the proper way and transporting it quickly helps to ensure that what ends up on your plate at the end of the day is of the highest quality and freshness. 

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At Rouge River Farms, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of Non-GMO Sweet Corn quality. To achieve those standards year-round, we only grow on the very best farmland at the ideal time of year for that location.


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Using over 30 years of experience, Rouge River Farms has been able to streamline the process from the farm to table. Our ability to load and receive 24/7, managing the staging of your loads will guarantee optimal freshness and provide reliable logistical efficiency. 
For more information on any transportation check out Rouge River Transport at or contact them at or 1-905-888-9765 ext. 223. 


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Phone: 1-800-RRF-9216 (1-800-773-9216)




Our Headquarters - Facilities


Rouge River Farms got its start selling Non-GMO sweet corn from a wagon and has grown to have production facilities located in Florida, Georgia, Virginia and Ontario. Our facilities are perfectly located to supply you with the highest quality produce year-round.

Florida Facility

1163 Evercane Road
Clewiston, FL 33440

Virginia Facility

945 Lee Hwy
Verona, VA 24482

Georgia Facility

4193 Vada Road
Climax, GA 39834

Ontario Facility

1-905-888-9765, ext 222
24 Gormley Industrial Avenue
PO Box 7, Gormley, ON
L0H 1G0

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